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September 2012 Rotation

Hi Everyone! Get ready to jump into the school year with a mix of new and old, long and short and moderate to intense workouts! Your body will have all kinds of guess work coming at it which means your results will be on the high rise! Enjoy these workouts along with healthy balanced meals, water, and sleep. This rotation is now available to download to your calendar in the Workout Manager.

Cathe’s October 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month High Intensity Training and tough Circuits unite! Eat your wheaties and up your protein 20%. Drink water, sleep hard and remember that this is good for you. You can now download this rotation to your calendar in the Workout Manager. Week One: Mon….Body Max 2 Tues….Pure Strength Back and Bi’s Wed…Boot […]

Cathe’s September 2011 Rotation

Here is a “shock your system” rotation that is a hybrid of strength,endurance and flexibility. Enjoy the change and challenge each day brings. Expect to break through fitness plateaus and burn fat and calories while gaining lean muscle mass. You can now also download the September 2011 rotation into your Workout Manager calendar. Happy Labor […]

Cathe August 2011 Rotation

Summer is not over yet. If you’re not swimming, biking or hiking, keep these workouts on your to do list and show off your healthy muscles. Remember to drink lots of water for muscle hydration, clear skin and better body function. WEEK ONE: Mon: Butts and Guts Tues: Intensity Wed: Low Impact Circuit Thurs: 40/20 […]

Challenge Yourself and Double Your Fitness Results

We have now released the latest version of our free online workout scheduling, tracking and motivation software. Our Workout Manager 3.5 features a brand new section called “Challenges” that has been designed by us to help keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness and personal goals. Studies show that people who use […]

Cathe’s May 2011 Rotation

Hi Everyone! This month we are alternating weeks of lower intensity with weeks of higher intensity exercise. Week one and week three will be lower intensity while weeks two and four will be higher intensity. Each week offers a mixture of cardio, core work, muscular strength and muscular endurance workouts. Eat right to enhance your […]

Weight Loss/Gain Forecaster

Our Weight Loss/Gain Forecaster has been developed by us to show you how a small change in your diet/exercise program can result in a large weight loss or gain over a long period of time. Just burning an extra 500 calories a day (one Cathe DVD)…or reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories…or some combination […]