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Great Job Everyone!


This is a picture of Tracie working up a sweat during the filming of Cycle Max.  Tracie and seven other Cathletes spent three days at our Glassboro facility rehearsing and filming Cycle Max. We could not of asked for a more friendly and enthusiastic crew and it was a real pleasure getting to know and working […]

Cycle Max Clothes


All of the clothes in the low Impact Series and Cycle Max may be ordered from FeelFitWear. Time is Running Out! – Pre-Order Today and save over $130 on Cathe’s high intensity joint friendly workouts. – Current Pre-Sale prices End Aug 17th. – Pre-Order Now and Save!

Get Ready to Sweat!


Are you ready for the ride of your life? Well let Cathe take you there with a rocking soundtrack and a calorie blasting indoor cycle workout. Consider yourself the rock star of your living room as you burn countless calories, shape and define your legs and glutes and become one sweaty mess. Time is Running […]

Cycle Max


We finished the filming of Cycle Max yesterday along with eight amazing Cathletes from all over the USA that were selected from our road trip casting calls. The eight Cathletes (Carolyn, Jennifer M., Stacie, Debbie, Tracie, Jennifer A, Kimberly and Michelle ) that joined Cathe, Amanda and Brenda for this video did an amazing job […]

The Detraining Effect: How Long Does It Take to Get Out of Shape?


In the ideal world, you’d exercise regularly throughout your life. But sometimes life intervenes and you have to take time off. Whether it is a family crisis, a work obligation, an illness or an injury, sometimes you end up on the sidelines. Unfortunately, you can’t become fit and expect to maintain fitness gains if you […]