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Superfoods: Three Disease Fighting Super Fruits


Head to the kitchen — not the bathroom medicine cabinet — to ward off disease. If your fruit bowl includes oranges, blueberries and tomatoes, you’re already at a lower risk for heart disease, some cancers and diabetes, according to nutritionist and superfood expert Elizabeth Somer. Oranges, blueberries and tomatoes rank among the world’s healthiest superfoods. […]

Cathe’s Low Impact series


Order Starting May 1st! – Estimated Ship Date is 8-31-2011 A Joint Friendlier Way to Work Out! Until now you have always had to choose between High Intensity Cardio and Low Impact Exercise workouts, but now you can get the benefits of both in the same workouts with Cathe’s revolutionary new Low Impact Series featuring […]

Squats May be the King of All Exercises, But Are They a Safe Exercise for Your Joints?


Squats are a favorite lower body exercise for toning and strengthening quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, and hip flexors. Because they are so effective, squats are an obvious choice for many workout routines. It’s common knowledge that proper strength training not only builds muscle, but reduces the risks of injury and decreases pain in muscles and joints. […]