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Kettlebell Max?


If Cathe were to ever make a DVD called Kettlebell Max I think we found the perfect kettlebells for the video at the Arnold Expo.  You see some really amazing exhibitions of strength at the Arnold Expo as well as some things that just make you go hmmmmm!

Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, OH


The National Fitness Hall Of Fame was held in conjunction with the 2011 Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, OH (March 4-6th, 2011). The Arnold Expo is the largest fitness and sporting event in the world with 200,000 people attending the expo this year. The place was absolutely packed this year and featured 700 exhibit booths […]

Cathlete Defeats Worlds Strongest Man!


This is a picture of Cathlete,  Sue Weir having some fun with strongman Bill Kazmaier during the National Fitness Hall of Fame Ceremony on March, 5th, 2011.  Bill was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame along with Cathe and six others. Bill was the first person to bench press over 660 lbs and held the […]

Arnold and Cathe


Hi Everyone! I had a wonderful time at my induction into The National Fitness Hall Of Fame this past Saturday in Columbus Ohio. This weekend was unbelievably rewarding and exciting and wow….Arnold was even nice enough to pose with me for a picture during the ceremony. What an unforgettable moment!!! I’ll share a little bit […]