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YouTube Disc#3 Video Clip

To View Go To: Hi Everyone! We are excitedly moving ahead at a steady and strong pace. This place is humming with action in every office in anticipation of getting these STS workouts to you very soon. What’s really exciting is that because we are this far along in the process we are able […]

STS Update

Hi Everyone! It is time for another STS update and this is one that I know will make you smile from ear to ear. We have finally reached the point in the editing process where we see the light at the end of the tunnel. After spending a couple of weeks speaking intently with each […]

STS Disc #2 Mesocycle #1 Week #1 on YouTube

STS Disc #2 Mesocycle #1 Week #1 (Back and Triceps) is the first Back and Triceps workout in the STS series and lays the ground work for the other weeks in this mesocycle. We have just added two video clips from this workout to YouTube. This is a muscle endurance workout (60% 1RM) […]

First STS Clips now on YouTube

We have now posted our first STS clips on YouTube. We plan over the next several weeks to continue to release clips from the rest of the STS DVDs and will eventually have clips from nearly every workout in the STS series playing on YouTube.Here are the two links to the STS Workouts: […]

STS Update

The picture above shows all three STS DVD covers. Each STS mesocycle will come in a plastic DVD case that holds an entire mesocycle (12 DVDs). T o bring you up to date on the STS project we have now finished the final editing phase for all 41 STS DVDs and are actively working on […]

August 2008 Road Trip

A very warm hello to all of our August 08’ Road Trippers! I’m so happy to hear that you made it home safely. Was that crazy weather or what? Well, at least we had that early morning Kickbox class on Sunday to help level off the travel stress. On a much brighter note, I can’t […]

STS Update

Hi Everyone! I am happy to inform you that we are just three days away from finishing both the final editing phase (step #5) and (step #6) the audio sweetening of the STS workouts. Yahoo! Next up on the list is Step #7 which is my favorite the Music Phase. I’ve actually been working on […]

July 2008 Road Trip

Click Here to See More Pictures Greetings to all of our July 08′ Road Trippers! I wanted to thank you soooooooooooo much for one super-fantastic, memorable, weekend!!!! You are all so very sweet and you have no idea how special it is/was to have that one on one connection with you. I loved hearing about […]

STS Update

Hi Everyone, I just want to keep you informed on the progress of STS. We currently are well into the Final Editing (step# 5) phase and should finish this phase in about two more weeks. We have several other teams concurrently working on several of the other phases we outlined in our May 18th Blog […]