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Offer Ends Wednesday, August 31st


Just a reminder that today is your last day to Pre-Order the Limited Edition  discount bundle and save over  $120. After August 31st we will no longer offer the Limited Edition Multi-Pack , so this will truly be a collectors item. The Low Impact Series DVDs will only be sold as individual DVDs after August 31st. […]

Turbo Barre – Premixes


The premixes for Turbo barre are as follows: 1. Lower Body Express 2. Turbo Barre Express #1 3. Turbo Barre Express #2 This DVD is also so chaptered so you can do any of the different workout sections you want to. Pre-Order the Low Impact series individual DVDs. –  Pre-Order Now and Save

Turbo Barre – Time Breakdown


The time breakdown of  Turbo Barre is as follows ( warm up 10:41, upper/lower body muscle endurance 10:54, leg work with firewalker loops 6:37, ballet barre leg conditioning 27:31, floorwork 4:05, abs/core 7:34, stretch 7:42) – Total time 74 min. Pre-Order the Low Impact series Limited Edition Multi Pack*. –  Pre-Order Now and Save Pre-Order […]

Is Resistance Training a Good Cardiovascular Workout?


Most fitness experts recommend a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training to build muscle strength and boost aerobic capacity and heart health. Traditionally, cardio exercises such as running, aerobics or cycling were thought to be best for cardiovascular training and resistance workouts best for building muscle strength. But these days more people are using […]