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Certainly, there will always be different opinions on which exercise routine is the best, but we feel there are seven important differences between STS and almost any other workout series you could purchase. Here is why: 1. STS offers a different workout every time: Not only does this help to decrease boredom, but also keeps […]

Do Cardio Workouts Cause Muscle Loss?


Cardiovascular exercise boosts endurance and heart health while burning calories and fat. But some fitness gurus will tell you to limit the amount of cardiovascular training you do if you’re trying to build muscle strength and lean body mass. They believe doing too much cardio breaks down muscle tissue, which can work against you if […]

On the Ball for Health


When Italian toymaker Aquilino Cosani developed a process for making colorful, air-filled balls for children in the early 1960s, he probably had no idea that these balls would provide so many benefits to so many people of all ages and conditions just decades later. It wasn’t long before the balls were attracting the attention of […]

An Apple a Day


Reports vary as to the health benefits of ‘an apple a day’ but this much is certain: apples are for many a symbol of health. The claims include protecting bones; that drinking apple juice can be helpful to asthmatic children, and that apples can provide protection from Alzheimer’s disease, as well as lung, breast and […]