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Are Fast-Food Salads Healthy?


Fast-food salads can be deceptively unhealthy. Avoid them as much as possible if you’re trying to eat healthy or control your weight – and choose these other fast, but healthy, options instead. Don’t settle for a salad that’s loaded with all the wrong ingredients that puts a fast-food burger to shame. It’s all too common in the fast food industry.

Newly Discovered Hormone May Explain Some of the Health Benefits of Exercise


In exciting new research, scientists have discovered a new hormone that explains some of the health benefits of exercise. This hormone even has the capacity to boost the body’s metabolic rate. Find out more about the role of this “exercise hormone,” and how it could help people who are obese or who have type-2 diabetes.

Sixteen Foods That Will Help You Burn Fat And Lose Weight


We hear a lot of advice about what not to eat when trying to lose weight, but we hear much less about the foods that are not only compatible with dieting but are also capable of helping to speed it up. The following sixteen foods are fantastic for helping your body to burn fat, which will in turn help you to lose weight and gain the slimmer body you desire.