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How to Measure Heart Rate Recovery After Exercise and Why It’s Important


How quickly your heart slows down after exercise, a measure of heart rate recovery, says a lot about how healthy your heart is. Exercise puts stress on your body, and your heart responds by beating faster. This speeds delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hard-working muscles. When you stop exercising, your heart rate gradually returns […]

The Effect of Processed Foods on Fat Burning


Fewer people have time to cook these days, which means more people are eating processed and packaged foods. The rise in obesity rates in America have closely paralleled the rise in consumption of processed foods. This isn’t surprising since packaged foods are usually higher in calories and contain more unhealthy forms of fat and sugar […]

Is Exercise Addictive?


Some people would rather miss a meal or their favorite television show than miss a workout. You probably know some runners who refer to their passion for running as an “addiction.” Some bodybuilders approach their weight training sessions with the same degree of enthusiasm. To miss a workout to them would be worse than missing […]