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Exercising in the Heat: How Long Does It Take for Your Body to Adapt?


It can be a challenge exercising outdoors during the first hot days of spring or summer. Even working out at an intensity you’re comfortable with can fatigue you quickly when temperatures are high. Fortunately, your body has the ability to adapt to the demands heat places on your body. Through a process called heat acclimatization, […]

Brown Fat: The Kind of Fat That Keeps You Thin


Fat tissue was once thought to be inactive, acting mainly as a storage form of energy and as insulation from the cold. But we now know that fat, especially visceral fat that surrounds organs in the abdominal cavity, produces metabolically-active molecules that increase inflammation. This isn’t a good thing since inflammation increases the risk of […]

Exercise and Appetite: Do You Eat Less When You Work Out?


Exercise burns calories, but can it reduce the total number of calories you eat as well? Several studies show that exercise is an appetite suppressant, at least for a short time, after a workout. You might expect hunger levels to increase since you’re creating an energy deficit when you exercise, but the opposite seems to […]