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STS Discount Coupons


During Cathlete Appreciation Month get an incredible $50 off  our STS 36 DVD discount bundle (does not include the squat rack DVDs) or $75 off our 40 STS DVD set (includes squat rack DVDs) What’s included with the 36 STS discount package? 1. STS mesocycle #1 (12 DVD set) 2. STS mesocycle #2 (12 DVD set) […]

High Reps Music Now on iTunes


You can now purchase music from Cathe’s  High Reps DVD on iTunes.  You can either purchase each song individually and create your own playlist or you can purchase the continuous mixed version of all of the songs.  These songs are all recorded at 130 bpm. Also, we have replaced the abs instrumental song form High reps with “Feel Like Flying” for […]

Bill Kazmaier and Cathe


This is a picture of Bill Kazmaier and Cathe  during the induction ceremony for the 2011 National Fitness Hall of Fame. Bill  has competed in six World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contests, and from 1980-1982 won the competitions easily becoming the first man to win the WSM title three times in a row. He was the first to bench […]

Jim Everroad and Cathe


This is a picture of Cathe and Jim Everroad  at the 2011 National Fitness Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Jim likes to help people make exercise a pleasant, productive part of their lifestyles. His first venture into the field of fitness was his book How to Flatten Your Stomach. It sold 2,000,000 copies world-wide, going to #1 on […]

Doris Barrilleaux and Cathe


This is a picture of Cathe and Doris Barrilleaux at the 2011 National Fitness Hall of Fame.  Doris is a true pioneer in women’s bodybuilding and has often been referred to by many  as “The First Lady of Bodybuilding.” She was an outstanding competitor in her own right and perhaps more than any other person […]