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Gluten-Free Junk Food: Why Some Gluten-Free Diets Fail


Processed Gluten-free products contain just as much sugar as their conventional counterparts. As far as your body is concerned, you are basically eating a product that is made entirely of sugar. When you trade your conventional pizza crust, brownie mix, and pancakes for gluten-free varieties of the same foods, you exchange one fattening, unhealthy substance for another.

Quinoa: How the Super Food Can Benefit You


Quinoa, a protein rich grain-like seed, has caught the attention of nutritionist and dieters alike. The super food is high in fiber and packed full of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Unlike most other superfoods, quinoa is cheap and readily available in the majority of grocery stores. Here are just a few ways that quinoa’s unique nutritional makeup can benefit a healthy diet:

Nine Fascinating Health Benefits of Cabbage


Cabbages are round, leafy green vegetables that come in many subtly different varieties at different times of the year. Whether steamed or eaten raw, they can provide you with a vast array of interesting and powerful health benefits. Cabbage is an excellent addition to soup or salad, and some people even enjoy eating it on its own. Read on to discover the nine most important ways in which eating more cabbage could improve and extend your life.