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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – Causes, Effects and Prevention


Delayed onset muscle soreness (commonly known as DOMS) will be familiar to anyone who engages in intensive exercise. Beginning at around 24 hours after the exercise and peaking after a further 24-48 hours, DOMS is a dull, aching pain which is only felt when the trainee utilises the effected muscles. Although it’s perfectly healthy and […]

Can You Use Whey Protein Supplements if You’re Lactose Intolerant?


Whey protein supplements are popular among athletes, bodybuilders and people who work out. Whey is one of two forms of protein that comes from cow’s milk. Casein protein is the other. Whey protein may offer some benefits when it comes to controlling appetite and losing weight. Research shows it boosts insulin and sensitivity of two […]

How to Eat for Healthy Skin


Youthful skin requires more than an anti-aging skin cream. What goes into your body is important too. When people eat a poor diet it shows in their skin, and if you do it long-term it contributes to premature wrinkling. Only recently have skin experts and dermatologists begun to acknowledge the importance diet plays in promoting […]

Cathlete Turkey Trot 5K Race Challenge


Turkey Trot 5K Race Turkey Trot 5k races traditionally take place on Thanksgiving Day morning, however, the phenomenon has expanded and Turkey Trot races are now available the day after Thanksgiving, the weekend after Thanksgiving, and any day close enough to Thanksgiving that the race organizer can sensibly name it a Turkey Trot. Thanksgiving typically […]