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Are Hybrid Fruits and Vegetables Healthy – or Not?


Have you ever heard of brokali or a pluot? These are both hybrid forms of produce that are available in some supermarkets. You can expect to see more of hybridized fruits and vegetables in the future. Some people are afraid to eat them because they believe they’re genetically modified. Find out how hybrid vegetables and fruits differ from genetically modified ones and whether they’re likely to be safe.

Can Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Change Your Genes?


You probably already know that having certain genes puts you at greater risk for health problems, but you may have more control over your genetics than you think. According to research, healthy habits like eating your vegetables may affect whether or not those bad genes are expressed. Find out more about the link between lifestyle and genetics.

Ten Amazing Health Benefits of Peanuts


Whether shelled or unshelled, peanuts are a popular snack worldwide, and many people also love to eat sandwiches with a peanut butter filling. Although peanuts are classed as nuts, they are actually a member of a family of legumes, and they contain some extremely powerful nutrients that make them extremely good for your body. Read on to discover ten surprising and fascinating reasons why eating more peanuts will improve your quality of life by boosting your health.