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AfterBurn – Are You Ready?


Group AfterBurn shot of Lorraine, Brenda, Cathe, Amanda, and Jai. As you might of guessed from the title, you’ll need to put your game face on for this intense low impact HiiT workout . Based on the principle of HIIT training, AfterBurn is an all out high intensity low impact HiiT workout that so many of […]

Low Impact Series: Joint Friendly Training Tips and Alternatives to Squats and Lunges


In developing the Low Impact series I spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with alternative exercises and safer ways of doing squats and lunges. Though these two exercises are regarded as probably the two best ways of working your lower body muscle groups, they can be bothersome for those with joint issues. My […]

Are You Skinny Fat?


You step on the scale, and you’re satisfied with the number you see. You’re within the recommended weight range for your age and height even though you don’t exercise or eat as well as you should. Things are as they should be – or are they? Normal Weight Obesity: When the Bathroom Scale Lies When […]