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STS Discount Coupons

During Cathlete Appreciation Month get an incredible $50 off  our STS 36 DVD discount bundle (does not include the squat rack DVDs) or $75 off our 40 STS DVD set (includes squat rack DVDs) What’s included with the 36 STS discount package? 1. STS mesocycle #1 (12 DVD set) 2. STS mesocycle #2 (12 DVD set) […]

Weight Loss/Gain Forecaster

Our Weight Loss/Gain Forecaster has been developed by us to show you how a small change in your diet/exercise program can result in a large weight loss or gain over a long period of time. Just burning an extra 500 calories a day (one Cathe DVD)…or reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories…or some combination […]