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Cathe Discusses Her Inspiration for Developing The Low Impact Series


People ask me all the time “What made YOU, the Queen of  High Impact, want to make a low impact workout series”? The truth is, I never really wanted to. Not because I had no interest, but because I honestly couldn’t find a way to make a whole series of low impact workouts as challenging […]

Obesity Rates: Will Americans Be More Obese in 2020?


It’s hardly news that America has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world, but it’s a problem that has health implications. Even though fewer Americans smoke and more are being treated for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the rate of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome continues to rise. […]

Dietary Calcium: Why You Need It and the Best Sources for Getting It


There are lots of reasons you need calcium in your diet. Most people already realize that calcium is important for bone density and prevention of osteoporosis, but calcium plays other critical roles in maintaining health. It’s also necessary for muscle contraction, including contraction for the most active muscle in the body, the heart. It also […]

Mistletoe: A Merry Herb


Honored by Druids and prized by ancient Romans, mistletoe is today usually associated with Christmas celebrations. But this plant, so famous for inducing a ritual kiss when pairs stand beneath it, is also notable for its potential health benefits. While the berries of mistletoe are poisonous, the leaves of this plant have been used in […]