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Needle on the Scale Stuck? It Could Be One of These 5 Sources of Hidden Calories


You’re eating right and working out every day. Still, you can’t seem to shed those stubborn pounds of body fat. It’s a frustrating problem. But sometimes you’re not eating as healthy as you think. When people track their calories, they often don’t take into account “hidden calories,” those sneaky sources of fat and carbs that […]

Strength-Training: Do You Need to Do Multiple Sets to Get the Benefits?


Weight-training is not just for bodybuilders who want to bulk up. Everyone needs some sort of resistance training to increase strength and muscle definition. Cardio alone won’t do it. In fact, long cardio sessions can actually reduce muscle size as both fat and muscle tissue are broken down to fuel long aerobic workouts. Having less […]

A Simple Solution for Tendonitis


Doctors are recognizing the low amount of magnesium in American diets is causing a lot of pain. Without proper levels of magnesium, the muscles and tendons in the body cannot function effectively, and the result is often a painful condition called tendonitis. For many people, the good news is that taking a magnesium supplement of […]

Healthy Eating Has a Sweet Side: Sweet Potatoes and Their Health Benefits


Savory and sweet, sweet potatoes are extraordinarily nutritious and offer a wide array of disease-preventing health benefits. Low in fat, but also rich in vitamin E, sweet potatoes should be a staple of healthy diet. And sweet potatoes aren’t just healthy-they also taste great! The orange flesh of sweet potatoes is right up there with […]