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2012 XTrain Workouts

XTrain Ride! Cast

By Cathe Friedrich

Ride! is an optional XTrain cycle workout that if you’re looking for a low impact high intensity workout is a great option. Most people that can no longer do routines with Plyo exercises can still enjoy the benefits of high intensity cardio without the impact by purchasing a spin bike. This is our second cycle […]

Burn Sets Workout Times

By Cathe Friedrich

This is a picture of Cedie working hard in XTrain Burn Sets. We have already finished the initial edit session for Burn Sets and wanted to share with you the workout times: Warm Up, Chest/Back/Shoulders/Stretch  - 50:23 Warm Up, Bi’s and Tri’s/Stretch 37:11   Body Part Workouts Chest 14:08 Back 12:55 Shoulders 14:17 Bi’s 14:13 […]

XTrain Low Pulse Lunges

By Cathe Friedrich

This is a picture of Cathe and Brenda doing low pulse lunges in XTrain Legs. This is an exercise that we have used in the past and many of you requested that we bring it back in XTrain. They we can’t honor every request we always do listen to your feedback and suggestions. This helps […]

A Shorter Workout Could Have Sweet Benefits for Your Health

By Cathe Friedrich

  Listen to the standard weight loss advice and you might assume long cardio workouts are unavoidable. After all, it’s common for fitness experts to recommend spending 60 to 90 minutes a day jogging, biking or doing other forms of cardiovascular exercise. If you’re not a fan of long workouts, you’ll be glad to know […]