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2012 XTrain Workouts

Use Exercise to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau: The Importance of Shocking Your System

By Cathe Friedrich

When you reach a weight loss plateau, it’s tempting to cut your calories further, but this usually isn’t the healthiest or most effective option. Try changing your cardio routine instead to challenge your body in a new way. This is a good way to “shock” your system and restart the fat loss process. Find out more.

So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain?

By Cathe Friedrich

So why do we offer two types of Upper Body Workouts in XTrain? Since XTrain is an undulating workout and is all about giving you more options it has been designed so that you can easily switch or mix the various Xtrain upper body strength workouts each week. This is why both 10 rep and 16 rep XTrain upper body videos work the exact same muscle groups. Read on to learn why Cathe structured the XTrain upper body workouts the way she did.

Download Your XTrain Pre-Order

By Cathe Friedrich

  If you pre-ordered either our XTrain 9 pack or 10 pack discount bundle you can now download your purchase from the following links: XTrain 10 Pack download (includes Ride!) - XTrain 9 Pack download  -   With large files like these it is always best to use a wired connection instead of wireless to download your […]

The XTrain User’s Guide

By Cathe Friedrich

The XTrain User Guide is free when you pre-order either our XTrain 9 or 10 pack discount bundle. Besides being packed with full color pictures taken during the filming of XTrain, the XTrain User’s Guide has been designed to be easy to understand and to provide you with as much information as possible about the XTrain workout program.

XTtrain Tabatacise Premixes

By Cathe Friedrich

XTtrain’s  Tabatacise features five short, but very intense workouts. You can select from level #1 (easiest) which has only one Tabata or level#5 (hardest) which features 5 Tabata’s. Regular XTrain Workouts  Level #1: Tabata #1 Level #2: Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 Level #3: Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 + Tabata #3 Level #4:  Tabata #1 + Tabata #2 […]