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Learn the secrets and science to losing weight safely and effectively.

The Role Willpower Plays in Weight Loss and How You Can Develop Your “Weight Loss Muscle”

What role does willpower play in weight loss success? More than you might think. Is willpower something you can develop much like you can build a muscle by repeatedly flexing it? A new study suggests you can. Find out more about the role willpower plays in weight loss and how to strengthen your “willpower” muscle.

Can Rapid Weight Loss Be Toxic?

There are a number of reasons not to buy into the promises of extreme diets. For one, they don’t lead to permanent weight loss and they’re nutritionally unbalanced. But there’s another reason why extreme dieting and rapid weight loss may be harmful. It may release toxins store in fat tissue into your bloodstream. Find out more.

Improve Your Health by Standing at Work

Sometimes making small changes can lead to big health benefits. Research already shows that too much sitting increases your risk for mortality even if you exercise daily. When do people do most of their sitting? At work. So why not stand? Find out the benefits of standing at work and how to be more active on the job.