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Calcium Absorption and Health: Why You Don’t Want to Sip Tea While You’re Eating Yogurt


You’re trying to get enough calcium in your diet, but there’s another factor you may not have considered. How much of it are you absorbing? Calcium absorption can be an issue, especially as you age and if you eat certain types of diets. Find out more about how your diet affects calcium absorption and ways to increase how much dietary calcium your body can use.

Normal Weight Obesity: Can You Be of Normal Weight and Still Be Obese?


Maintaining a normal body weight can be a challenge for many people. The medical community has long supported exercise and healthy eating choices to help patients achieve their ideal body weight. Unfortunately, staying healthy and disease free may be more complicated than just achieving a normal body weight. Recent evidence shows that more than half […]

Diet for Depression: Does What You Eat Matter?


Does diet play a role in treating depression? Almost 10% of the population suffers from some form of depression. Even though there are medications to treat the symptoms of depression, recent research shows they may only be effective for treating severe depression. This leaves people with mild to moderate depression few treatment options that really work. What about diet? Does it play a role in treating depression?

Thirteen ‘Healthy’ Foods and Drinks That Are Stopping You From Losing Weight


If you are trying to lose weight or are doing your best to maintain a slim figure, you probably think of yourself as something of an expert on the subject of which foods are hazardous to your waistline. However, at least thirteen of the foods and drinks that people commonly think of as healthy are actually capable of stopping you from losing weight. Read on to find out which of these foods are the worst, and to discover more genuinely healthy substitutes.