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More Evidence That Cutting Back on Sugar Helps With Weight Control


Sugar has gotten a bad rap lately, but how much does added sugar in foods and beverages really affect your weight? A recent meta-analysis looked at the issue of sugar in foods and beverages and how it impacts weight for the average person. Find out what this study showed and discover other compelling reasons to cut back on sugar.

How High Insulin Levels Make It Hard to Shed Body Fat and How to Lower Yours Naturally


Insulin has the important function of allowing glucose to enter cells, but too much of it can create problems for your waistline. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone that makes it more difficult to lose body fat. But why? This article discusses how insulin makes it hard to shed body fat and what you can do to lower your insulin levels naturally.

How Chocolate Controls Food Cravings – if You Choose the Right Kind


Can munching on chocolate help you lose weight? Chocolate has a bad image as a high-calorie food that people trying to stay lean should avoid. Yes, chocolate is calorie-rich, but eating it has some surprising number of health benefits. The natural flavonoids in chocolate have been linked to improved blood vessel function and heart-healthy benefits. […]