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What Does Your Resting Heart Rate Say About Your Level of Health and Fitness?


Your heart beats a certain number of beats per minute, corresponding to your resting heart rate. This value and another measure of physical fitness, your recovery heart rate, are indicators of how fit you are from a cardiovascular standpoint. They also may be a marker for future heart problems. Find out why it’s important to know your resting heart rate and how rapidly your heart recovers after a workout.

Flex Your Muscles to Fight Food Cravings?


Despite your best intentions, sometimes the temptation to eat something blatantly unhealthy strikes – at a time you’re trying to stay on the “straight and narrow.” Research now shows that something as simple as flexing a muscle may help you muster the willpower you need to turn down a decadent dessert or thwart a food craving. Find out more.

Can a Food’s Aroma Affect How Much You Eat?


Sensory cues are important for controlling appetite and satiety. People generally eat less when a food is thicker or creamer. A food’s aroma also appears to have an impact. Research shows that when foods have a stronger odor, we take smaller bite sizes, and ultimately eat less. Find out how you can use this and other sensory cues to control how much you eat.

5 Nutritional Habits That Boost Fat Loss


If you’re working out regularly and aren’t losing weight, it’s time to scrutinize your diet. Many people assume that because they’re exercising they can be lax with their diet. On the other hand, drastically reducing calories isn’t the answer. Here are five diet and nutrition guidelines that’ll help you get more results from your fitness program.

Twelve Fascinating Health Benefits of Onions


Although onions are famous for being able to make your eyes water, they are also famous for their excellent flavor and culinary versatility. A wide range of different types is available; some are quite sweet, while others are pungent. More importantly, it turns out that onions are extremely good for your body in a number of surprising and profoundly significant ways. Read on to discover twelve reasons why adding more onions to your diet could help to boost your health and improve your quality of life.