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Eleven Fascinating Health Benefits of Raisins


Raisins are wrinkled fruits with a sweet, sugary taste and a sticky texture. They are an extremely popular snack, as they are high in energy but low in fat, and many people love to add them to yogurts or cereals. In addition to being delicious, it turns out that they are also extremely good for your health. Read on to discover the eleven more significant reasons why adding more raisins to your diet could help to improve and extend your life.

Are Hybrid Fruits and Vegetables Healthy – or Not?


Have you ever heard of brokali or a pluot? These are both hybrid forms of produce that are available in some supermarkets. You can expect to see more of hybridized fruits and vegetables in the future. Some people are afraid to eat them because they believe they’re genetically modified. Find out how hybrid vegetables and fruits differ from genetically modified ones and whether they’re likely to be safe.