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Learn how to eat better and cleaner to improve your health, build muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

Understanding and Overcoming Sugar Cravings


Though sugar cravings are nearly universal, we often fear and demonize these feelings while blaming ourselves for a supposed lack of self-discipline. Restriction of problem foods leads to feelings of deprivation, causing binging and remorse in an unhealthy cycle of see-saw dieting. Health experts offer a gentler and more holistic point of view on our unending hunger, citing cravings as a great starting point for understanding what our bodies’ true needs are.

Ten Fascinating Health Benefits of Cantaloupe


The cantaloupe is a member of the cucumber family, and it is the most popular type of melon. It is a juicy, fleshy fruit that tastes excellent as part of a dessert or a fruit salad, and many people enjoy simply snacking on cubes of raw cantaloupe. In addition, it turns out that the cantaloupe can improve your health by influencing a number of different parts of your body. Read on to discover the ten main reasons why eating more cantaloupes could improve and extend your life.

Variations on Vegetarianism


By definition, a vegetarian is one who abstains from meat, fowl, and fish. But did you know that there are almost as many variations on vegetarianism as there are people who engage the lifestyle. On one end of the spectrum, there are flexitarians who might eat fish or chicken occasionally. At the other extreme, there are vegans who not only abstain from eating meat, but may also refuse to eat food produced from harming plants.