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Learn how to eat better and cleaner to improve your health, build muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

Nine Fascinating Health Benefits of Basil


Basil is a staple herb in Italian pastas and soups, and it belongs to the same plant family as peppermint. There are more than sixty different varieties of basil, and its uniquely fresh taste is so versatile that it is capable of adding something to almost any meal. As it turns out, it is also good for your health in a number of surprisingly powerful ways. Read on to discover nine reasons why you should include more basil in your diet.

A Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner for Vegetarians


When most people think about the annual celebration of Thanksgiving, their first thoughts are of turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. The average typical meal averages about 3,000 calories and contains 229 grams of fat. Compare that to a healthier vegetarian Thanksgiving meal that is just as tasty and satisfying, but only contains an average of 900 calories.

Does Bacteria in Your Intestines Impact Body Weight?


Some of the bacteria in your intestines you want to keep around because they help with digestion and may protect against certain types of infections. Now a new study shows that certain types of probiotic bacteria can impact fat loss. Find out more about this intriguing study and the role bacteria may play in controlling body weight.

Nine Fascinating Health Benefits of Apples


Apples are cheap, delicious, and come in a wide variety of different flavors (ranging from the very sour to the very sweet). As it turns out, they are also good for your body in a number of interesting ways, and so an apple a day may well indeed help to keep the doctor away. Read on to discover nine surprising and significant reasons why you should add more apples to your diet.