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Learn how to eat better and cleaner to improve your health, build muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

Unhealthy Food: Why It’s Important to Stay Away From Vending Machines and Fast Food Restaurants When You’re Tired


Ever wondered why cookies, French fries and other unhealthy foods are so appealing when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep? A new study sheds light on how lack of sleep influences your food choices. Find out why it doesn’t pay to walk past a vending machine or a fast food restaurant when you’re tired.

Gluten-Free Junk Food: Why Some Gluten-Free Diets Fail


Processed Gluten-free products contain just as much sugar as their conventional counterparts. As far as your body is concerned, you are basically eating a product that is made entirely of sugar. When you trade your conventional pizza crust, brownie mix, and pancakes for gluten-free varieties of the same foods, you exchange one fattening, unhealthy substance for another.

Quinoa: How the Super Food Can Benefit You


Quinoa, a protein rich grain-like seed, has caught the attention of nutritionist and dieters alike. The super food is high in fiber and packed full of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Unlike most other superfoods, quinoa is cheap and readily available in the majority of grocery stores. Here are just a few ways that quinoa’s unique nutritional makeup can benefit a healthy diet: