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Learn how to eat better and cleaner to improve your health, build muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

Thirteen Important Reasons Why You Need More Zinc in Your Diet


Zinc is a micromineral that the body only needs in very small quantities. In spite of this, your health can suffer if your diet does not contain enough zinc, and it is thought that a shocking 75% of people in the Western world may not have a high enough zinc intake. Certain foods are particularly good sources of zinc, including mushrooms, nuts, beans, and spinach. Although you have probably heard that you can benefit from zinc supplements or a diet that is richer in zinc, you may not know just why this micromineral can be so important for your physical health. Read on to discover thirteen fascinating and significant reasons why a higher intake of zinc could help to improve and extend your life.

Eleven Fascinating Health Benefits of Raisins


Raisins are wrinkled fruits with a sweet, sugary taste and a sticky texture. They are an extremely popular snack, as they are high in energy but low in fat, and many people love to add them to yogurts or cereals. In addition to being delicious, it turns out that they are also extremely good for your health. Read on to discover the eleven more significant reasons why adding more raisins to your diet could help to improve and extend your life.

Gluten-Free Diets: Fleeting Fads or Life Savers?


Although most people look at the gluten-free diet trend as a passing fad, it is actually a necessity for a large portion of the population. With changes in wheat’s protein structure and the ubiquitous nature of its proteins in processed foods, the number of those who have celiac disease or other levels of gluten sensitivity continues to grow.

Are Hybrid Fruits and Vegetables Healthy – or Not?


Have you ever heard of brokali or a pluot? These are both hybrid forms of produce that are available in some supermarkets. You can expect to see more of hybridized fruits and vegetables in the future. Some people are afraid to eat them because they believe they’re genetically modified. Find out how hybrid vegetables and fruits differ from genetically modified ones and whether they’re likely to be safe.

Can Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Change Your Genes?


You probably already know that having certain genes puts you at greater risk for health problems, but you may have more control over your genetics than you think. According to research, healthy habits like eating your vegetables may affect whether or not those bad genes are expressed. Find out more about the link between lifestyle and genetics.