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Learn how to eat better and cleaner to improve your health, build muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

Does How Much You Think You’ve Eaten Affect Satiety?


A new study shows your brain and higher brain function, especially a part of the brain called the hippocampus, play an important role in controlling satiety and appetite. As it turns out, it may be important how much you think you ate rather than how you ate when it comes to getting full. Find out more about this study and some tips for controlling the amount you eat at a meal.

Eleven Fruits and Vegetables That Will Boost Your Oral Health


It is common knowledge that excessive consumption of sugary foods can lead to the development of tooth decay and cavities. However, there are also certain foods that can actually help to improve the condition of your teeth and gums. More specifically, a large number of fruits and vegetables have been shown to promote dental health. Read on to discover why eleven particular fruits and vegetables can boost your oral health in some surprising and fascinating ways.

Eleven Fascinating Health Benefits of Pears


The pear is a sweet and juicy fruit with a thin skin. Most people enjoy eating raw pears, but they also taste particularly good when added to salads or to recipes involving blue cheese. As it turns out, these fruits are also packed with nutrients that make them particularly good for your health. Read on to discover eleven interesting and significant reasons why you should include more pears in your diet.

Sleep and Appetite: Men and Women Respond Differently to Too Little Sleep


Short periods of sleep have been linked with weight gain and an increase in appetite. Now, a new study shows that skimping on sleep may impact women different than men. Find out how the two sexes differ in their response to too little sleep and how this impacts appetite and food consumption. You’ll also discover tips for getting better quality sleep.

Vitamin K2: The Key to Keeping Your Bones Strong and Arteries Clean?


Some vitamins get more attention than others. One that’s often relegated to the backburner for most people is vitamin K, likely because they don’t understand what it does. In actuality, there is more than one form of vitamin K. Vitamin K1 is the form most people are familiar with. It’s important for blood clotting when […]