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Learn about the health benefits of eating right and working out.

Avoiding Stress Fractures


If you have a stress fracture and want to maintain your muscular and cardiovascular endurance levels, it is important to not cease exercising altogether. A stress fracture can be a great excuse to dust off the bicycle in your garage, visit the pool or hit the gym’s cardio room or perhaps try a zero impact indoor cycle workout like Cycle Max or some of my workouts from the Low Impact Series. Always check with your doctor about which type of exercise activity would be appropriate for your type of injury.

What Is Leptin Resistance and How Does It Affect Your Ability to Lose Weight?


Leptin resistance is a common problem among people who are overweight and obese, and it makes it considerably more challenging to lose weight and maintain it. There are natural ways to reduce inflammation, which should have an impact on leptin resistance. Eliminate processed foods and high-glycemic carbs, and add more fruits, vegetables and fatty fish to your diet.