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Go behind the scenes of the filming of Cathe’s Fitness DVDs

8 Days to Go!

By Cathe Friedrich

Happy August 17th everybody! Last nights filmed rehearsal was a toughie but goodie…..we worked so hard that we were literally drenched. I had to change my shirt in the middle of rehearsal and wash my face since the salt from my sweat actually crystalized on my skin. Ok, maybe a little too much information, ha! […]

9 Days to Go!

By Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! It’s August 16th and we are just 9 days away from starting to film….gulp!!!! But that’s an excited gulp, tee hee! We have just been having a blast preparing for everything from soup to nuts. But it is also a very crazy time since so many details all come together at this point. […]

Practice Makes Perfect!

By Cathe Friedrich

The picture of Brenda and Cedie on the left was taken during a recent rehearsal of Low Impact Circuit and Body Max 2. Rehearsals are now being held almost everyday up until the first film date on August 25th. During this time Cathe and the crew work hard on perfecting the routines and getting perfectly […]

About the New Video Set

By Cathe Friedrich

The above pictures are some initial artist sketches that were made over a year ago when we were working on the design for the new video set. We use a professional set design company that specializes in video sets for the movie and television industry. This is the same company that designed the set used […]

Low Impact Circuit Breakdown

By Cathe Friedrich

Low Impact Circuit is an intermediate to advanced low-impact total body workout that Cathe has designed to be done on a 6 or 8 inch step. If you’re looking for a workout that is joint friendly, but still challenging, then this workout is for you. Equipment used in this workout includes: a long step,dynaband, light […]