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Go behind the scenes of the filming of Cathe’s Fitness DVDs

Send Us Your STS Results

By Cathe Friedrich

Help us build our community by submitting your STS results story today. Your motivational STS story can help to inspire others and we would love to hear about and post your success story so that it may be shared with others.This submission form is only for people using our STS programs. You should use our […]

STS Strength and Cardio Rotation

By Cathe Friedrich

Happy New Year Everyone! The following three month rotation is designed to get you into the best shape of your life. This rotation is safe, effective and based on scientific studies to bring you maximal results. If you prefer, you may opt to do a double cardio session on any given day, however, this is […]

MMA Kickbox video clip

By Cathe Friedrich

We have now posted our 3rd MMA video clip. MMA Kickbox is a 53 minute high intensity workout that will blast fat, build stamina, increase flexibility and muscle endurance. After a warm up, you’ll do three punching and kicking combinations, followed by a sports specific cardio drill to whip you into incredible shape. MMA Kickbox […]

Cardio Core Circuit video clip

By Cathe Friedrich

We have now posted a video clip from our second circuit workout in the Shock Cardio series. Core Circuit, 51 minutes, is broken into five fitness rounds and is very cardio intensive. In each round you will do three short cardio drills back to back and then repeat them (so it’s six cardio bursts per […]