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Low Impact Doesn’t Mean Easy!

As Art Carey from The Philadelphia Inquirer once said, “Cathe Friedrich put the word “work” in workout!” Though Cathe has said that Low Impact Circuit was her favorite workout out of the bunch, that doesn’t mean this workout is easy. Cathe spent a lot of time making this workout fun, but even more time making […]

Low Impact Circuit

The above picture is a group shot of Cathe and the crew (Brenda, Cedie, Lorraine, Jai) just before the filming of Low Impact Circuit. This is Cathe’s favorite workout and she is excited to share it with you. These energetic outfits are all by Nike. Although most of these tops are no longer available due […]

1 Day to Go!

Tomorrow we begin filming, but today our staff and contractors are busy getting our studio ready. In the video business this day is called the “set and light day”. Workers are busy installing and adjusting the studio lights, cameras and digi beta decks. Have you ever wondered how many lights it takes to light a […]

Low Impact Circuit Breakdown

Low Impact Circuit is an intermediate to advanced low-impact total body workout that Cathe has designed to be done on a 6 or 8 inch step. If you’re looking for a workout that is joint friendly, but still challenging, then this workout is for you. Equipment used in this workout includes: a long step,dynaband, light […]