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The First Video Clips are Now Up!

If you go to our home page ( and hit refresh you will see the player that we were trying to make work last night. This oval player offers a much bigger screen than the one we’ve been playing this morning. This player also uses “progressive download”instead of streaming. This means the file will be […]

Drill Max Premixes

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today’s picture is of ┬áDive Bomber Pushups from our Drill Max workout. These are really challenging pushups due mostly to the steep angle they are performed at. They also provide an excellent upper body workout as you will feel these working your chest, triceps, shoulder, back and core. If that isn’t enough, […]

Drill Max Premixes

We should finish the editing of all 4 workouts by the end of this week and we hope to start the authoring of the DVDs starting next week. We’re planning on having around 3 to 4 premixes for each workout and we would like your input and help in choosing and designing the Premixes. We […]

New DVD Project Update

We’ve spent the last several days telling you about the workouts. Today, we thought we would tell you about some of the behind the scenes things that are going on now with the editing of the DVDs. We finished filming late on August 29th and started early the next morning on the editing of the […]

Cathe Talks About Drill Max

Hi Everyone! Pull up a chair and let’s have a morning cup of coffee (or whatever your favorite beverage is) together as I take you through the actual Drill Max workout First let me define it: Drill Max is a deliciously intense athletic circuit workout that exudes a hybrid of agility training, boot camp conditioning, […]