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Butts and Guts Premixes

I hope you are having a nice weekend. Btw, we will continue to post information throughout the weekend. Today I will share the premixes for Butts and Guts. Before I list them I want to let you know that I noticed that some of the premix suggestions on our forums listed an “All Butt” or […]

Time to Celebrate!

Hi Everyone! I sure do miss chatting with all of you I wanted to let you know that we finished editing….YIPPEE! Now we comb through the edited DVD’s and check for mistakes. I think Chris already wrote you a little note telling you how things progress from there but I will keep you updated with […]

Butts and Guts Premix Suggestions?

This DVD contains the most Bonus footage of all the DVDs we filmed this time, including: Bonus Stability Ball Ab Routine (17 min) Bonus BALL: Bonus Ball glute squeezes Bonus Footage Sit and Stands Bonus Footage Leg Press Including all the Bonus Footage this DVD has 105 minutes of footage. We should finish the editing […]

Butts and Guts Lower Body Breakdown

Breakdown of The Lower Body Portion of the Butss and Guts Workout DVD: Alt front lunges with the ball Walking Lunges Deadlifts w/ toes on handweights and a 35 pound barbell One Legged Squat Forward Thrusting Hammer Punch Squats w/ barbell Walking Lunges Deadlifts One legged squat Side to side thrusting hammer punch Freestanding lunge/squat […]

You Will Love the Ab Workouts!

Butts and Guts is a workout that really transformed itself during the final weeks of rehearsal from a good workout into perhaps one of Cathe’s best. The ab routines in this workout are Cathe’s best and most unique. In addition to the regular ab routine shown above, Cathe also filmed a BONUS 17 minute stability […]


This is a picture from last nights rehearsal and shows Jai, Lorraine and Brenda doing one of the featured moves in Butts and Guts, called fire-walkers. They may be smiling in the photo, but the picture was taken at the beginning – not the end! We’re now just 2 days away from filming and the […]

Butts & Guts Breakdown!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are doing well today. Its another crazy day here so let me grab this minute to give you a breakdown of the Butts and Guts workout. Keep in mind that because this workout specifically targets the butt vs overall legs, the exercises are chosen to reflect that. We, of course, […]