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A Tip On Using Our New DVD’s

Three Ways to Listen…As you probably already know our new DVD’s will have three options you can choose for the audio: #1 Normal Mix #2 Vocals Only #3 Music louder Once the DVD has loaded just select “Play Program” on the Main menu. You will be taken to another menu that will allow you to […]

Are We There Yet?

Today we thought we would give you another update on where we are with this project and when we think we will begin shipping you your DVDs. We are now done with the editing of the DVDs except for an hour or two that we will need on Monday to clean up a few problems […]

Body Max 2 Premixes

Hi Everyone! Thank you again for offering your suggestions on additional premixes. It was a really tough choice so we actually added a couple more then we originally intended. We thought we would start by sharing Body Max 2 premixes with you. Enjoy! Body Max 2 Premixes #1 Cardio & Weights #2 Boot Camp #3 […]

Introducing the New DVD Covers!

Our new DVD covers were totally designed internally by us for the very first time and feature vibrant colors that match Cathe’s and the crew’s clothing. The basic design of the covers and their fonts will also be found throughout the DVD menus, DVD Premix information cards, DVD openings and credits.

Body Max 2 Premix Suggestions?

We should finish the editing of all 4 workouts by the end of this week and we hope to start the authoring of the DVDs starting next week. We’re planning on having around 3 to 4 premixes for each workout and we would like your input and help in choosing and designing the Premixes. We […]

Body Max 2 Bonus Footage

The filming of Body Max 2 is now complete. The workout came in I think at a little over 90 minutes, but we wont have the exact time until after we edit. With a lot of our workouts this time we’re also filming extra bonus footage that will be used in the premixes. In Body […]

Body Max 2 Upper Body Details!

Upper Body Sculpting: (We Use a stability Ball , 5 and 15 lb dumbbells). Back: Double Arm Row Pullovers Rear Fly Chest: Decline Push ups on Ball Wide Push Ups on Floor Chest Flys on ball Shoulders: Seated overhead press Shoulder Circles into lateral raises Repeat Shoulder circles and lateral raises Biceps: Incline Dumbell curls […]

The First Day of Filming!

Yesterday was a very busy day of filming for Cathe and our crew (Lorraine, Cedie, Brenda and Jai). In fact, we’ve never in our 17 year history filmed as many hours in one day as we did yesterday. Cathe and the crew started early in the morning and did not finish until 10:30pm! This is […]